Axolotl Care and What its Like

Axolotls are NOT land animals, so make sure their tank is full of water. An axolotls tank should be 15-20 gallons of water per axolotl. And the temperature should be 57-68 degrees Fahrenheit, and 14-20 degrees Celsius. You should add rocks and decorations to make your pet feel safe. Axolotls are very delicate salamanders, so make sure when moving them to a new tank or holding them be CAREFUL.  Make sure your tank has a tight lid, your axolotl will try to escape. You should clean their tank every week. When you are cleaning your axolotls tank you clean up their deposit with a turkey baster, then take out the decorations you put in, empty the water, wash the decorations and tank, then put the decorations back in, then refill the water, and then put your axolotl back in.