The life cycle of an Axolotl

The life cycle of an axolotl is very similar to a frogs. The female lays eggs, and they can lay up to about 1,000 eggs! After the first day they are little dots, after 2 they may have grown a little nub as a tail, after 3 days it has grown larger, and longer, and by the 4th day they are just larger. The 8th day they started to grow gills, and their head forms out more. On the 10th day they are much larger. On the 15th  day they hatch, and they have a thin fin on their tail. After 30 days their front legs pop up, after 44 their back ones do too. Then, they are a full grown axolotl.

Side note/ Fun Fact:

When an axolotls egg combines with another one turn into a Lightning Bug axolotl. They are two different colors as one axolotl!